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  1. Niseko HANAZONO Resort

Come join us for
an ultimate culinary journey

led by 3-Star Michelin Chef Nakamichi

Open December 20 – March 10
at HANAZONO (adjacent to HANAZONO 308)

Owner-chef Hiroshi Nakamichi

Head-chef Hiroshi Nakamichi

Born in Noboribetsu, Hokkaido in 1951. He moved to France when he was 23 years old, and at the age of 31, won the grand prize and a special award at a world cooking competition in Australia. Chef Nakamichi presented his cuisine at the G8 Summit in Toyako, Hokkaido, in 2008. In 2011 he was designated as one of the Ryori Masters by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in recognition of his immense contribution to Hokkaido cuisine.

Chef Nakamichi's flagship restaurant Moliere in Sapporo was awarded three Michelin stars, while Asperges in Biei garnered one star in 2012 in the special edition of the Hokkaido Michelin Red Guide. Chef Nakamichi will specially design the lunch and dinner menu of Asperges HANAZONO using the freshest Hokkaido produce to delight the most discerning of taste buds.

Chef KATO Kazunori

Chef Kazunori Kato

Born in Matsuyama City in Ehime Prefecture in 1969. He is currently at Asperges, where he has supervised since the opening in 2007, after having worked at Ukaitei in Hachioji,Tokyo, Auberge Suzuki in Seijo, Tokyo, and Maccarina, a sister restaurant in the village of Makkari in Hokkaido. Asperges received one Michelin star in 2012. He will be supervising the restaurant Asperges HANAZONO as well.

Lunch Menu

  • Vegetable soup, minestrone
  • Raw oyster plate
  • Beef cheek from Hokkaido stewed in red wine sauce
  • Small-tomato and eggplant compote
  • Petit sweets
  • Coffee

¥ 4,500

(A 10% service charge will be added separately)

Dinner Menu

  • Amuse-bouche
    Carrot mousse/raw oysters/mushroom and consommé flan
  • Salad made of 20 kinds of vegetables with Nanatsuboshi rice from Biei-cho
  • Grilled jumbo shrimp with sauce beurre blanc
  • Sauteed abalone from Hokkaido along with squid ink risotto
  • Tea sorbet
  • Beef fillet poeler from Hokkaido seasoned with wasabi and Bordelaise sauce
  • Gratin dauphinois
  • Vacherin
  • Pumpkin Brulee
  • Petit sweets
  • Coffee

¥ 15,000

(A 10% service charge will be added separately)


View a larger map ASPERGES HANAZONO

Shuttle Bus Services


The HANAZONO free shuttle bus departs from Niseko Hirafu locations every 20 minutes between the hours of 7:50am to 5:10pm. For more details, please see the village map and bus route HERE


A free shuttle service is provided for dinner reservations from within the Niseko Hirafu area. Please enquire for details when making your reservation.


Asperges HANAZONO is located adjacent to the HANAZONO 308 Ski Centre at Niseko HANAZONO Resort. It is a short 15 minute drive from Hirafu and the town centre of Kutchan. For detailed route maps from surrounding locations, please see the following links:


12 noon - 4:00pm
(Last order 3:30pm)
6:00pm -10:00pm
(Last order 8:30pm)
Closed on Thursdays
Open on Xmas (Dec 24 - 26),
New Year (Jan 1 - 3)
and Chinese New Year (Jan 31 - Feb 6)
Ph: 0136-55-5632

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